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Training the Schutzhund Trial Helper

-2008001-0 -- 1 Hour, 58 Minutes, 9 Seconds

The video has detailed step by step training sections. We show exercises that teach helpers footwork for the courage tests and advanced defensive work with dogs. We detail step by step training sequences that all helpers should work through to develop smooth frontal catches. We show the correct way to administer stick hits, both from a technical standpoint and from the judges viewpoint.

Throughout the tape we stress that good helper techniques result in safer work for the dog. Poor helpers hurt dogs. We have set up and filmed some dramatic examples to show what bad timing can do. It is our feeling that this video is going to educate a lot of competitors, handlers and trainers on advanced helper work.

Poor helper work in training has broken more teeth on good dogs than we would like to think about. This tape will teach you techniques to eliminate unnecessary accidents.

If you are a police officer or personal protection trainer, you need this tape. Police helpers need to learn how to do this work properly. Tom Rose is a Schutzhund judge. We reflect what a judge expects from a trial helper and identify the most common helper errors.

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