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Adding Color to Your Training Wardrobe

01-20-2012 -- 4 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Ed Frawley and Michael Ellis discuss training equipment and attire to be used when training for biting sports. With an extensive explanation on the type of pants Michael wears when working as a decoy.

Categories: Free Videos, Recent Newsletter Videos, Training Equipment, Dog Sport, Michael Ellis, Q&As with Michael Ellis


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May I just say 'Thank you?'

I am miserably sitting here at work trying to learn something important and watching videos because I so miss my dogs left at home. This video has me giggling here at work. I must go out and get some fancy tights and really get down to training my dogs. :) This is just the motivation I needed.

Bless you all for all you do!


It took me a while to compose myself after watching this video. Now that I've wiped the tears away from laughing so hard, I must say, thank you for the explanation. I thought maybe it was a distraction to the pups. It certainly was for me!

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