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Collars Keeper Collars Keeper Collars Hidden Prong Collar with Cobra Buckle
Keeper Collars Hidden Prong Collar with Cobra Buckle
Based on 3 reviews
$125.50 - $130.00

Keeper Collars Hidden Prong Collar with Cobra Buckle

Based on 3 reviews
$125.50 - $130.00
  • Comes with 2.3 mm Chrome Links
  • Welded steel leash ring
  • Mil Spec webbing
  • Includes load-bearing metal alpine cobra buckle
  • Made in the USA
  • Not recommended for puppies

Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

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This Keeper Collar is made with a military-style buckle. It can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. This kind of buckle is recommended for Police K9 handlers or people with really large dogs. Not recommended for puppies, and not to be used with a tie-out.


For the optimum fit always choose within the correct sizing of the size chart. Our Keeper Collar with the Leather Strap may be a better option for those looking to get a greater size range out of their collar, as the strap has three adjustable holes built in. Here's Willy, the Chocolate Lab, being measured. Measure just under the jaw and behind the ears. The measurement should be snug, not tight. When the collar is built, the necessary slack is added into the collar, so there's no worry about it being too small.

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears. A dog with a correctly-sized Keeper collar.

As you can see, Willy measures 15.5 inches. If your dog measures 15.5" and is full grown, a 14" collar would work when loosened (orange 14"), or a 15” collar allows for more room if we wish to tighten it (black 15 inch, shown loosened). The green 16” collar would be too big for Willy (green 16 inch). If your dog has a thicker coat or is expected to grow, we suggest opting for the larger size (black).

A dog with a slightly big Keeper Collar to allow for growth. A dog with an over-sized Keeper Collar.

Neck SizeCollar SizeWidth of Collar
15.5" - 17"15"1"
16.5" - 18"16"1"
17.5" - 19"17"1"
18.5" - 20"18"1"
19.5" - 21"19"1"
20.5" - 22"20"1"
21.5" - 23"21"1"

Prong collars are an extremely functional training tool, especial when it comes to loose leash walking. Unfortunately, they look menacing and people tend to jump to conclusions about them. Let me preface that with the pinching from a prong causes no damage to your dog’s neck, whereas allowing a dog to pull into a flat collar can put so much pressure on your dog’s trachea, resulting in permanent damage.

However, because of the appearance and an onslaught of uneducated bad publicity about prongs, people who use them correctly are often verbally accosted when taking their dogs for a walk. So if you fall into that category and are tired of the dirty looks from people when safely walking your dog down the street, we recommend taking a look at the Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar.

Additional Considerations

Prong collars do not apply pressure to the dogs trachea, making them a safe alternative to a slip collar, and much safer than allowing your dog to pull into a flat collar which can cause permanent damage to the dogs wind pipe. Instead a prong collar tightens, creating a pinching sensation that is instantly released once the dog “yields to the leash” or stops pulling.

Leerburg strongly recommends using a backup collar any time you are using a prong collar is on your dog. For more information on back up collars and why we recommend them check out some of our free streaming videos on the proper use of a prong collar as well as the prong collar leash. We recommend Leerburg’s Dominant Dog Collar.

Prong collars should NOT be used with a retractable (flexi) lead.

For more information on how to size a prong collar, read our article here.

Dog training is never without risk of injury. Do not attempt these techniques yourself without consulting a professional. Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. cannot be responsible for accidents or injuries to humans and/or animals.


For more information on sizing, see our article How to Fit a Prong Collar.

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Hi my order not dlivery yet
Where is the my order?

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I have had this collar for close to a year. The Cobra buckle is great making it easy to get on and off. My only reason for giving it 4 stars is because the adjustment slips and causes the collar to get larger in size. I ended up adding a clamp to stop the slipping.

- on

Verified Customer Review

Not recommended at all. I measured my dog's neck three times, followed the guide for choosing the correct size, and it's still too big. I thought about returning it, but because I can cinch it down to where it just barely fits correctly, I believed I could make it work. However, the adjustment loop doesn't keep it set. Just a couple of moderate pulls from my dog, and it loosens and slides down her neck -- every time. An UTTER WASTE of $100+. After two months, I'm switching back to her Herm Sprenger prong collar. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

- on

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