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Ed Frawley

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To Neuter or Not to Neuter Your Dog To Neuter or Not to Neuter Your Dog

Neutering Male Dogs: Should You or Shouldn't You

I get many emails asking if they should neuter their dogs. Neutering animals is an important income stream for many vets, which is why so many vets will advize you to neuter. The fact is unless your male dog is a monorchid (only has one testical) you should not neuter your dog (male or female).

I used to argue that neutering would cure dominance or aggression problems if the neutering was done before 1 year of age. I have since learned that I was dead wrong. Those people are going to have to read my article on Dealing with a Dominant Dog and follow the directions there.


I used to believe that neutering would prevent older male dogs from developing prostate problems. Studies have since proven me wrong on that issue too.

Working dogs that are born with one testicle should be neutered but not until they are 2 years old. If these dogs are not neutered they run the risk of developing testicular cancer at about 5 years of age. Neutering before 2 years is going to effect the dogs fight drive and working ability. Neutering after 2 years is not going to effect the dogs working ability.

I have come to believe that neutering our dogs causes so many health issues with the dogs that it's simply not worth the risk. Watch the video below and form your own opinnion. I can tell you that we don't neuter and we won't neuter our dogs.

Dr. Becker: The Truth About Spaying and Neutering

Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, discusses all about neutering or spaying in pets.

Additional Information on Neutering

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