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Leashes Amish Leather Leashes Prong Collar Leash Kit
Prong Collar Leash Kit
Based on 8 reviews
$71.45 - $83.00 $63.94 - $76.36

Prong Collar Leash Kit

Based on 8 reviews
$71.45 - $83.00 $63.94 - $76.36
  • Leerburg Chrome Prong Collar
  • Black Dominant Dog Collar
  • Small includes 6' long 1/2" Prong Collar Leash
  • M-XL includes 6' long 3/4" Prong Collar Leash
  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collars available with the Prong Collar Leash Kit HERE

Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

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Stainless Steel Hardware - available in sizes 12" - 20"

Brass Hardware - available in sizes 6"- 11", 21" - 28"


The Prong Collar Leash Kit includes a Leerburg Chrome Prong Collar, a black Dominant Dog Collar, and a 6' long 1/2" Prong Collar Leash (size S) or 3/4" Prong Collar Leash (sizes M-XL). The leash is available in black or brown leather. For more information on the pieces in this kit, visit their respective product pages.

The Prong Collar Leash is designed specifically to utilize all of the control benefits of a prong collar as well as the safety and security of a dominant dog collar. The purpose of the leash is to create a simple safety option in the event that your prong collar came undone. When wearing this configuration, the extended portion of the leash, which is connected to the dominant dog collar, is meant to remain loose and any pressure added to the leash should be distributed to the prong collar. The only point which any pressure would be applied to the dominant dog collar, is if the prong collar were unclipped. If your dog weren’t connected to a backup collar while using a prong collar, in the event the prong collar came undone, your dog would be completely loose.

Need help sizing?

See the sizing chart on Leerburg Chrome Prong Collars to determine the correct prong collar size for your dog.

Dominant Dog Collars now has a feature on its product page that will walk you through measuring your dog and determining which size your dog needs.

Dominant Dog Collar Disclaimer

If you are new to this product, it is important that you understand how we intend the product to be used. This collar should not be used to give a leash correction. It's not intended to be used in the manner such as "yank and crank", where dog trainers jerked dogs around to give corrections. Doing that with this collar or with a metal choke collar will damage the throat of your dog.

Our dominant dog collar should only be used the way we explain here and how we demonstrate their use in our DVDs. If you use the dominant dog collar the way we explain it is the best collar available to solve serious unwarranted aggression problems. However, if you use it to jerk your dog around to administer leash corrections, you could very easily injure your dog.

This collar is meant as a training collar and not to be used as an “everyday” collar, and should not be worn without direct supervision. We advise that this collar is used for walking or training and then removed at the end of the session.

Leerburg will not be held responsible for any injuries that result from the improper use of dominant dog collars or prong collars.

Bought this product?
Verified Customer Review

Wonderful set. Includes all you need for starting basic obedience and taking control of an out of control dog. Highly recommend as they inform you of the NEED for a backup collar. I bought a prong collar from a pet warehouse store and it came with zero warning that the prong can pop apart. I needed that information before my 60lb GS/Husky mix went after a shitzhu.

Anyways the leash is incredible quality and the prong and backup collar work as expected. The dominant dog collar also is useful on it's own for dealing with aggressive dogs that get over stimulated and put into higher drive when given a prong collar correction.

I wanted to wait a year before posting this review and it's safe to say that this kit (among other things) helped me get a handle on my dog and he is now a safe, respectful member of society. He is still a dominant dog but manageable now through strict handling and strong obedience.

Thank you Leerburg for helping me turn a dangerous out of control dog into the loving pet I enjoy every day of my life.

- on

Do not hesitate to purchase this fine set of doggie gear through Leerburg. Their attention to detail and quality, professionalism and dedication to those of us who have chosen a life with a beloved companion is rarely surpassed nowadays.

As I live overseas and am away from my puppy, I found it necessary to call Leerburg with numerous inquiries into this prong/dominant collar dual-lead before my purchase. I had the pleasure of working with Cara from Leerburg; her prompt, knowledgeable and succinct answers to my questions allowed me to make a far more informed and fully understood purchase concerning sizing and quality. She was always prompt upon calling me back if necessary and painlessly guided me through the ordering process. If you are at all hesitant or have further questions about this product, don't hesitate to call.

The products themselves appear to be super strong and well-made. I haven't had the opportunity to try them on my puppy yet, but I will next week upon my return home. The Leerburg 1/2" Prong Collar Leash, as pictured, is gorgeous. After watching the video (in the product photos above) about the material used and the Amish family who hand makes these in Wisconsin, I simply had to have one. I am impressed with the stitching, riveting and overall quality. I certainly don't expect this to come apart easily or any time soon.

I decided to swap out the Leerburg prong collar on offer here with the Herm Sprenger for a few extra bucks. Nice to know that through Leerburg I'm actually getting an authentic HS prong collar, as on Amazon I saw numerous knock-offs or reviews stating as such. The HS prong collar was separately packed in its own manila envelope inside the main bubble wrap package; I'm assuming so that it wouldn't scratch or damage the leather leash (nice touch). The nylon dominant collar looks great, stitching is good and all the rings/fittings are brass. I expect it to last quite a while.

Thanks Leerburg for your help and fine products!!! I'll definitely recommend to friends and family and will hopefully visit one day upon a future trip to the States .

- on

Verified Customer Review

While my boy Jax probably could have gone with a medium sized prong, it is of good quality. It is no sprenger but has never failed. This is without a doubt the best and probably only complete prong collar kit out there. The leash is incredible, i am addicted to Leerburg leather products. Soft and supple yet strong.

The design is also ingenious. When I bought my first prong from petsmart there were no labels describing the possibility of the links coming apart. I learnt that AFTER my dog agressive dog was loose after a hard correction and chasing after a shitzhu, then across 4 lanes of traffic. Luckily he wasn't killed. After that traumatic experience I did my homework and I'm glad I did. Now I'm completely confident he will not be loose we are both put at ease and walks are a breeze minus the odd correction using the prong or DD collar. My usual now is to use a flat as back up collar and the DD collar up front on a tab leash. I find for obedience corrections to use the prong and for aggressive corrections to use the DD has been best for mme.

- on

I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the wonderful products you've developed. My Prong Collar system (Prong Collar, Dominant Dog Collar, and dual lead Prong Collar Leash) arrived today. I easily fitted the collars to my 90 pound adult male rescue German Shepherd as directed in your video. Removing a couple of links allowed for a good snug fit high up on his neck as advised.

We went for a short trial walk around the neighborhood with his training collars and leash in place and I immediately noticed a change in his leash pulling behavior. I didn't need to jerk on the leash to hold him back at all. When he tried to pull too far ahead, he felt the collar tighten slightly allowing him to correct himself and he immediately stopped pulling and slowed his pace to match mine.

During our walk we encountered a squirrel which would normally cause him to lunge forward, pulling on the leash with such force I can barely contain him. However on today's encounter, he quickly corrected himself after an attempted lunge, sat down on the sidewalk, and attentively yet calmly watched the squirrel scurry up a nearby tree.

I was absolutely amazed. Although I had faith that the prong collar system would be effective, I was astonished at the immediacy of that effectiveness.

Deciding to really test this out, we took a braver step by continuing our journey to the nearby park where, on any given day, dozens of folks can be found walking their dogs around the 2 mile path that circumnavigates a large pond.

Previous attempts at taking our dog to the park were fraught with his overly aggressive behavior towards other dogs we encountered. In those situations I would have to grab his flat collar with both hands to hold him back with all the strength my 6 foot, 200 pound body could muster to keep him from engaging in what always appeared to be a pending blood bath of a dog fight.
Upon seeing an approaching leashed dog on today's hike through the park, I gently tugged the Prong Collar Leash and commanded him to sit, to which he immediately responded. He sat and watched the dog approach; but when they were directly opposite each other, my dog lunged forward to attack like he was accustomed to doing. This time, however, the tightening of the prong collar caught his attention before it barely pulled against the leash. He instantly sat back down, allowing the correction from the collar to release it's gentle but assertive grip.

I was speechless as I witnessed this incredible behavioral change in him; but I did remember to praise him profusely after the other dog passed on by and I just wanted to relay this information over to you with thanks again for helping me encourage my beautiful dog to display the type of control I knew he was capable of within himself.


- on

Amazing high quality product. This collar has helped me tremendously on walks. My 7 month old GSD walks right by my side now without any pulling. This leash has also helped with heeling work. I highly suggest that people buy the Michael Ellis Focused Heeling DVD and practice the leash pressure work. It will help you on walks and with focused heeling.

- on

We "adopted" a year old Siberian Husky from my son who could no longer keep him. With no experience with larger, active dogs it was especially frustrating trying to walk him. He pulled non stop and even broke loose several times. We tried several collars and harnesses to no avail... the harnesses seemed to make him pull harder. I tried a large prong collar from the pet store and he escaped from that, too. I learned from the video about the proper way to size and fit the prong collar and ordered the leash kit. It arrived quickly and it took "Axis" a short time to get accustomed to the new collars and leash. It is like walking a kitten! His disposition changes when you put the collars on and actually looks forward to donning them! Outings are a pleasure now with him walking quietly by my side and when he sees another dog or person, a short tug on the leash along with a "slow" command with plenty of treats and praise gets him back in line. Thank you for such a wealth of information and quality products. We have complete control and extra insurance with the backup DD collar. Our quality of life is much better and we all get the exercise we need!

- on

We have a wonderful, active male bloodhound. I have used prong collars in the past but always worried about the collar coming apart as you have shown in video. To find the Dominant collar system and leash has been a godsend. The system works so well and I am relaxed now and enjoying our daily walks and squirrel trackings without constant worry. I mutter a "thank you!" everyday as we "hook up" and I know Fletcher is going to have fun exploring and yet be safe. Thank you so much!


- on

After trying a half dozen other exercises and training techniques to calm and stop my German Shepard from dragging me down the road on leash I purchased this system. First time wearing/using this system I was amazed!!

Firstly you can tell straight out of the box that it is made of high quality. I was afraid it would be complicated to use but after a few times of taking it apart and putting it back to together it really is a snap. After three day of use I am just blown away. Luca (the gsd) gets very excited when she sees it and sits patiently as I put the collar on her and shows no signs of stress regarding it. Thanks for such a great product. Thanks to this system our girl we be a treat to take with us on hikes and visits to our state park!

- on

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