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Popular Questions

I rescued a dog who was never leash trained. I am fearful that I will try the wrong technique and cause her to develop an even worse habit. What should I do?
I have a few obedience titles on my Havanese but I'm having problems keeping him with me when he's off lead in the show ring. He won't come to me when he's off leash outside. Suggestions?
What is the best sequence to train using the Michael Ellis DVDs?
I was severely attacked by my 2 year old dominate GSD. Can you tell where I made the mistake in handling this dog?
Our mixed breed 7 month old dog attacks our coats and shoes when we are out in the yard. He lunges and won’t let go. Please help us.
We have 4 dogs and 2 of them have become aggressive. They are attacking each other. Our vet suggested adding chamomile tea to their drinking water but that it would take a while to have an effect. I really need help!

Recent Questions

How do I redirect my 8 week GSD puppy when she tries to chew and tug with the blanket under her ex-pen?
Over the last two years, our dog has become increasingly yappy. Should we considered a training collar, or is there something else we should try?
What DVD would you recommend to help me learn how to deal with a dog that has crazy resource guarding habits?
When we drop (our dog) off at daycare, he is showing separation anxiety. He tries doing these little nips at the staff when they put him in the runs in the beginning of the day. Should we nix daycare?
I am unsure how to train the basic "stay" command - whether in a sit or down.
I have a question in regards to teaching tricks (sit pretty, roll over, ect) to puppies that are in protection sport training.




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