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Popular Questions

Why does your webpage say that you think neutering is bad for a dog's health? Shame on you!
I’m getting a Malinois puppy soon, what do you recommend for socialization with other dogs?
I'm considering removing my dog's teeth so he doesn't have to always wear a muzzle. What would you advise?
My dog just had puppies and now has mastitis, is it ok to continue to let the pups have her milk? Also, due to some bleeding, my vet recommended that I spay her, what are your thoughts?
When do you start nosework with a puppy? Is there an odor that you typically start with? If so, when do you add the additional odors?
My 6 month old puppy gets very excited and lunges at other dogs when I go to our local pet store. I want him to not be so wild when he sees other dogs, I would appreciate advice.

Recent Questions

My 15 week old puppy has developed a chewy grip on the jute puppy sleeve. At 10 weeks old he would grip very well. How can I resolve this?
I’m getting a Malinois puppy soon, what do you recommend for socialization with other dogs?
My 10 month old dog won’t bring the tug back when we play, he flops down and holds it between his paws. Do you have any advice?
Does the Basic Obedience Course go into how to practice the skills being taught -- when, how much, how long, etc.?
How do you keep the rubber tubs/touch pads from collapsing under the weight of the dog while you are using it for training?
I watched a video of your puppy getting his nails done, my puppy won’t sit still. How do I start?




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