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Q. What do you use for tick repellant at your kennel?
We have been enjoying your videos and dvd's in training our dog, Lucas. Your toys and balls are the only ones he can't destroy. We discovered a tick on his head and removed it. He became ill and hasn't eaten since last tuesday! We took him to two vets and discovered a high fever for the tick bite we think. Which tick repellant do you use and recommend? All of your advice we have used so far has been right on! Thank you for your help!


A. We used to use Frontline on our dogs, but several years ago a few of the dogs had local reactions to the medication and ended up with irritations and hot spots on the areas where we applied the Frontline. Those hot spots got very infected and all the hair fell out. We have since cut as many chemicals as possible from our dog rearing practices and check the dogs every day for ticks and pull off any they may have encountered, and spray them with an organic repellant before walks or time spent out in the grassy and brush areas on our property.

When doing it this way, you need to check your dog at least once a day but it’s much safer for them overall. It’s more work for us, but I don’t like the idea of putting poison in my dogs system.
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