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Q. What is an appropriate age to spay a female?
I had my 6 month old German Shepherd spayed a month ago and she died on the table, before they made an incision. We believe it was the vets fault (we are having them investigated), but my question is when should a female shepherd be spayed? I got another pup from the same breeders and I am terrified. I have switched vets, but they also recommend spaying at 6 months like the other vet. They say it helps prevent some kind of cancer. I want to do what's safe for the pup. I am not going to train her to guard, but I do want her to guard naturally if a bad situation was to arise. I did read that you said being neutered should wait until after a year, is it the same for a female? Thank you for your opinion.


A. We don’t recommend spaying or neutering till the dog is physically mature. That is usually 18 to 24 months old.

Vets will always tell you to do it early, but if you are responsible and keep track of your female while she is in season to make sure she doesn’t get accidentally bred, I see no reason to spay at 6 months old.
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