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Categories: Health

Q. Is there anything we can give to my dog to decrease the acidity in his urine?
Hi Cindy,

Because of your wonderful website and your excellent advice my gsd is thriving on a raw diet, I have also added the vitamins you have suggested. The allergy vitiamin is working wonders, thank you. Now for my next question.

Is there anything we can give him to decrease the acidity in his urine? We have a small back yard with dead patches of grass, it looks really bad.


A. There is nothing that I am aware of you can give your dog for this that won’t affect his health. There may be something out there, but I am not aware of it.

Many people with this issue, simply water the grass quite heavily on the areas the dog urinate or they make a designated potty area with pea gravel or mulch.

You may want to join our discussion forum too, it's a great resource.

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