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Categories: Health

Q. My dog is scratching like crazy since I switched his diet, could it be the beef I’m feeding him?
Hi Cindy, First off, I just wanted to say thanks for the great basic dog obedience video, it?s been a incredible help to me. Also, the spill-proof bowl I just purchased from you guys is an outstanding product, I highly recommend it to any dog owner. My question though is about allergies. My almost 2 Y.O. working-line shepherd has been itching and scratching like mad for the last few months, and I can?t seem to find a remedy for it. From about 4 months on, I fed him half raw meat, half Innova EVO, and he never seemed to have any allergy issues. Then, after seeing a new product at a local pet food store, I switched him to ?SoJos,? 100% grain-free raw mix to supplement his raw meat (typically Beef). Is it possible he?s allergic to the Beef? The Sojos is human grade veggies, so I wouldn?t think that would be the culprit. Could it be an air-born allergen? ...any help at this point would be greatly appreciated, I REALLY don?t want to have the vet give him any more shots. (he hasn?t had any vaccinations since he was a little pup). Thank you so much, Brian

A. There are other ingredients in the Sojos that he may be sensitive to and I’m doubtful it would be the beef. Which product are you using? If there is flax or alfalfa in any form in it, this may be the problem. Some veggies (specifically below ground like carrots or any form of potato) can cause issues also. I had a GSD years ago that would scratch for 3-4 days if she ate anything that contained alfalfa. I’d probably go back to what was working for him before or put him on a raw diet. It is possible that it could be an airborne irritant as well, but it seems more likely to be the food switch. Let me know if I can help you figure out what to do next. Cindy
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