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Categories: Health

Q. My friend’s dog will eat all types of rubbish when he’s not supervised but he tried to eat my dog’s feces as she was relieving herself. Have you ever heard of this?
Hi There,

I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter and read your question and answer section with great interest.

Something I have never seen before happened while I friend and I were out walking our dogs. She has two greyhounds males (neutered) and a spayed Labrador female. I have two Dobermans a male (entire) and a female (spayed). We have been walking together for a long time and the dogs all get along. One of her Greyhounds has a tendency to eat rubbish if we are not keeping a strict eye on him, but as my female Doberman was manureing he was trying to eat it before it even hit the ground!! We were quite horrified and I wondered if it was a deficiency in his diet. Have you ever seen dogs do this before?


A. This is not uncommon. It’s call copraphagia. It can have many causes, including diet, medical or enzyme issue or can be a habit.

I’d also direct you to the search function in the upper left corner of the website. It will find posts, articles and Q & A’s that deal with your search terms.
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