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Categories: Health , Vets

Q. From what sources do you list vets on your website?
Dear Cindy,

Hi, today I found your website and called a vet listed in NYS, Dr. Alberto Gil. I checked the NYS Vet Medical Board and he?s not listed. From what sources do you list vets? I would like to know because I made an appointment for tomorrow and though I liked the fact that he?s homeopathic he answered the phone himself, was at a different address than listed and said he will be moving again soon. Would you please reply. I just adopted a 6 week mix and I want him to be seen.

Thanks for your time,

A. This is what we have posted on our vets page:

This list was created to assist dog owners who wish to raise their dogs on a raw diet with minimal vaccines and chemicals. This is NOT the list for people who want a regular allopathic vet that pushes kibble and yearly vaccinations.

We have asked our discussion forum members for their input and experiences with holistic vets, practitioners or conventional vets that support raw feeding and a minimal or no vaccine protocol. We have no experience with the vets on this list unless otherwise noted and are not recommending one over another.

We can’t be held responsible or liable for your experiences, good or bad, with any of the veterinarians on this list.

We are providing this list as a service; please do your own research into any health care provider you choose for your dogs.
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