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Q. We have a 3 year old GSD with an extremely sensitive stomach. Are there any supplements that you can recommend which can help rebuild and maintain his system?
3 year old GSD with an extremely sensitive stomach ...

We feed him Royal Canin GSD. Often, his stools are somewhat pudding like. No diarrhea, No giardia (he did have it bad when he was young). We are doing chicken and rice right now with some flagil (as recommended by our vet who we trust greatly).

Are there any supplements that you can recommend which can help rebuild and maintain his system? There's so many... What's your best recommendation?

Thanks so much.


A. Im not a fan of any of the Royal Canin products. Im not surprised he has loose stools on this, it really isnt an appropriate food for a dog.

Once you get him settled with the bland diet and meds, Id recommend looking into a higher quality kibble or a raw diet. We have a great section on feeding dogs. If you decide to switch kibbles, I would only recommend GRAIN FREE for him. Its very likely the high grain levels in the RC is what is aggravating his system.

Even if you dont want to feed raw, Id suggest reading this Q & A section on raw feeding. I believe youll learn a lot about what is appropriate to feed your dog, and what to avoid.

For supplements, Id recommend digestive enzymes and probiotics.

This will help his system acclimate to whatever diet you decide to switch to, and help him get the most out of his food.

If he continues with the loose stools, I might recommend having him tested for EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). Unfortunately its common in GSDs. You can tell your vet that you would like a TLI test.

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I hope this helps.

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