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Categories: Pit Bulls

Q. How do I get my Pits to stop running the fence and getting into fights because of another dog?
I have two pitbulls that are brother and sister that are almost three years old. I have come home twice now to them being a bloody mess. They get into fights and the sister always loses and this time she could have died... this never happens when I'm home and I really don't want to make one stay inside because of this. I am pretty sure what causes it because when I'm home I see the signs. It starts up because of a neighbor walking her dogs and stopping in front of my house with her dog... these two pittys start barking and runnning up and down the fence line trying to get at the dog thats being walked but can't get to it and every once an awhile the female will turn on her brother out of fustration and he for the most part will take it but then we he doesn't I believe when I'm not home and this happens he gets tired of it and fights back... my boy is fixed and so is my female...

I have two other dogs that are in the yard and neither of them do the running the fence line when they see another dog or person... How can I get my pittys to do the same... or to make sure they don't fight besides keeping them seperated when I'm not home?

I live in mississippi and down here there are no good dog trainers for pitbulls other than the people who want to fight them.. which I don't want any part of!!!
Please help I love my dogs they are my children and I want them to get along all the time!!


A. If you aren't home to correct this then your only option is to keep them separated. I would put both of them in separate kennels so they can not run the fence. Barrier frustration can build into a very dangerous situation.

If they were to get out of the fence when they are in this state of mind, I guarantee they would attack the dog on the other side of the fence and then we would be reading about this in the newspaper.

All dogs should be handled carefully but if you choose a breed like Pitbulls then you need to be extra careful due to the media frenzy surrounding these dogs. We really like Pits and its criminal what has happened to these dogs in recent years.

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