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Categories: Pit Bulls

Q. How do you feel about 2 pit bulls in the same household? Am I asking for trouble? Will the pack mentality set in w/ 3 dogs, etc?
Hi Ed.

I've emailed you before and I've bought a few of your DVDs. Thanks so much for your continued assistance. Here is my question: "How do you feel about 2 pit bulls in the same household?" From what I have experienced (dog mushing, dog daycare, literature, hands-on experience, etc), as long as dogs receive plenty of exercise, discipline, and routine, they adapt nicely. I currently have a 8.5yr old GSD-mix male and a 3.5 yr old male Pit Bull. They get along GREAT! I'm thinking of expanding the pack. Is this a mistake? I'm a strong alpha leader w/ a good knowledge of dogs and their tendencies. Am I asking for trouble? Will the pack mentality "set in" w/ 3 dogs, etc? Any advice would be apprecitated.


A. This can work if you’re willing to make some changes and enforce some basic rules.

Adding a third dog dramatically increases pack drive in dogs. Two dogs are two dogs – three dogs is a dog pack. That's when problems arrive.

If you're blind to the fact that you may have a situation where these dogs can never be out of the crate at the same time – well then odds are it won’t work. The only way things like this work are if people employ sound pack structure training - Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet DVD.

The owners have to establish pack leader rules and enforce them. It involves micro-managing the dogs lives.

With the addition of a pup – that pup should be on leash in the house 100% of the time until its old enough and trained well enough that it can be called back from a high level distraction 100% of the time. The goal of raising the new pup is to become the center of this dogs universe.

Ed Frawley
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Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet
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The goal of our pack structure training program is to produce a dog that is calm and submissive and a dog that follows the rules of the pack leader. This DVD teaches people how to become a pack leader that their dog respects and loves. Most people are not born pack leaders. In fact, far from it. The majority of dog owners (many who have owned dogs their entire life) simply do not know anything about the instincts that control our dogs or how strong these instincts are in the domestic dog. Oh people may have heard that they need to be a pack leader or they may have heard they need to be an ALPHA with their dog but they do not understand what this really means or how to accomplish it.

Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs
Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs
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