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Q. I just ordered the 20 ft cotton line, but I'm afraid it might not be strong enough for when we get into Schutzhund training?
just ordered the 20 ft cotton line and think it will be great for the my new working GSD pup, but I'm afraid it might not be strong enough for when we get into schutzhund training when he is an adult dog? The people I see at the club have the thicker ones with the bigger snapp but never thought to ask untill I got my order in the mail today. Have you had any problems with these and should I buy a stronger 20 ft line with a strong snap when he get of age or will this hold him? I appreciate any help you can give on this subject.

Thank you,

A. For bitework I’d use a thicker line with a stronger snap, like this one - 15' Cotton Tracking Line. I use the 20 foot cotton line like you have for puppies, and for obedience with adult dogs.

I hope this helps.

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15' Cotton Drag Line - No Handle
15' Cotton Drag Line - No Handle
This Heavy Duty Cotton Drag Line is 15 feet long by 1 inch wide. This is perfect for all types of Schutzhund work and training. This cotton drag line/leash is not made from ordinary cotton webbing. This is thick, durable webbing. The color is olive green. It is 1" wide and made of very durable and strong 1/8" thick cotton. It has a heavy swivel clasp snap for easy hooking off and on the harness or collar. It can also be used for agitation/bite work, tracking or other K-9 work. This is a drag style lead with no loop handle to get tangled in your dog's feet while training. Many trainers prefer cotton training lines as they are not slippery when wet and they dry quickly.


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