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Categories: Protection Training - Adult Dogs

Q. Can I buy a trained dog in personal protection. I am leaving in the guards and need something for my family?

This may be a stupid question but I am wondering if I can purchase a "trained" dog for my family's protection. I live in a desolate area and worry about my family when I'm gone. I have two nice dogs but they won't even bark when people visit (they are lab and ??? mix). If it weren't for the deer that feed near their underground fence (by the way it works great) and geese that fly in to feed on acorns I don't think you could get a bark from them at all. I love them but travel with my Guard job a lot since Sept. 11 and just don't think they would protect my family. I am expecting a long deployment soon and don't have time to train a pup. Is it crazy to think I could buy a trained dog for protection??? Thanks for your time.

A. Most of the time people who buy trained dogs get screwed. The personal protection dog market is filled full of low lifes and hucksters.

You also have the problem of your two other dogs. Trying to add a third dog is a problem because it creates a dog pack and this brings new problems.

If I were you I would find some weak nerved piece of garbage dog that is afraid of everything. These dogs don’t sleep too well because they know the boogie man and OBL are right around the corner – so they bark at the drop of a hat. Spend the money you would have spent on a trained dog and buy a couple of guns – teach your family how and WHEN to shoot. Anyone who comes through 3 barking dogs (or one barking dog and two that wag their tail) needs to be shot in the head.
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