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Categories: Protection Training - Adult Dogs

Q. How can I get my 3 year old Pit Bull to protect my yard if I am not home? I do not have a helper.

I have a three year old American Pit Bull. He has had Schutzhund training with a trainer in my area. He was a very good trainer but now has retired.My dogs training is not finished and not many people are willing to work this breed in Schutzhund. He is a great dog with solid nervs and has done a lot of bite work. My problem is he will not guard the yard. He loves everyone! I have encouraged him to bark at the door when someond knocks and he does. It seems like the only time he has showed aggression is when someone was lost and pulled into my driveway, got out and approached me to ask me directions. I think he only showed agression because he was on leash, by my side. How can I make sure he will protect my yard and home without me commanding him to or if Im not home? I don't have a helper. What do I do??

A. There is nothing you can do without a helper.

If you want some very good advice – don’t do this. It is crazy. Anyone who comes into a yard with a pit needs to be shot. If the dog protects the house you have the best of all worlds.

You are setting yourself up for a law suit. If you choose to ignore this advise I suggest you make sure you have good insurance.
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