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Categories: Protection Training - Adult Dogs

Q. I recently purchased a 4 month old Dobe. I want him trained to protect me and my business at night. Do you do this kind of training?
Hello, I live in Floral City, Florida.

I own a car lot in Inverness, Florida that has been broken into several times.

I recently purchased a 4 month old dobie. I am looking to send for training for two reasons 1 protection for me and family and 2 for protection at night at the lot against robbers who jump the fence.

Do you provide this kind of training?

A. You screwed up.

A 4 month old pup is not going to protect anything for 18 to 24 months.

Dobermans have had their working ability bred out of them. The only thing you have is a visual deterrent.

I recommend that you go to my web site and read the article I wrote on my philosophy of dog training. I think you will get some good ideas there. You will see why sending a dog out to be trained is a bad idea. I don’t train dogs for people and don’t recommend it for dog owners.
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