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Q. My pup is doing great but I'm still having some problems with submissive urniation. He also poops a lot in large amounts. Is this normal? Any ideas?
Good day,

It?s been some time since I wrote to you. My pup is doing phenomenal, I love my dog.

He is going to be 5 months on the 17th, but we still have a problem with submissive behavior. Every time I get home I have to ignore him to avoid having him pee the floor when I hug him and I call out his name with joy. How is this going to last?

Another thing is on his feeding?I know you like a natural diet, but I cannot keep up with that option so I feed him Nutro (Lamb w/ Rice Formula for Large Breed Puppies). Due to his weight and age and the instructions on the label I?m supposed to feed him 5 to 6 cups a day, but I don?t do it because I can tell when he is starting to get overweight instead of having a slim but strong look?I feed him more like 4.5 to 5 cups. The question is, this guy poops huge quantities in the morning when I take him out at 5:00 AM. Is it normal for a 5 month old GSP to poop 2 full times in the morning, then 1 in the afternoon and one at night? Is it perhaps that the quality of the food is not good and that is why he is not using most of it? He looks very good and strong, but this makes me wonder.

Hope all is well.

Kind Regards,

A. Things like this resolve on their own time schedule. Since you seem to know the triggers for the submissive urination, then the common sense solution is to avoid doing those activities (i.e. hugging and calling out his name with joy) Let your dog grow up and ignore this behavior right now, he’s still a puppy.

As for the food, in my opinion the reason he is pooping so much is because the brand you are feeding is full of low quality ingredients that his body can’t use. If the dog can’t digest and utilize what they are eating, they poop it out. Either feed a raw diet or switch to a premium brand of kibble.
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