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Q. My 11 week old female GSD eats rock and gravel. How can I stop her from doing this?
Hi there. I have an 11 week old female GSD. I have purchased your 8 week to 8 month video and have been following it. Everything has been going great, however today I noticed a peculiarity. My yard is about 1/3 grass and 2/3 pebble gravel. I have seen her picking up and playing with the gravel. I have tried to get her to stop, but never worried about it too much. Then today I came across a couple of stools that were filled with the gravel. Is there any concern that this might hurt her? Also, how should I go about getting her to stop doing this? Does this mean that she isn't getting enough food and is trying to make up for that?

Thanks for your help,

A. Some puppies will do this for awhile. The only solution is to go out with the dog - on leash - and teach the dog a YUCK command.

Every time the pup picks up a piece of gravel you give the YUCK and POP the leash.

If you don't do this your dog can die from eating rocks.

There is NO OTHER WAY to solve the problem.
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