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Q. What is a good way to teach my dog that it is ok to stop barking/being protective? Also, one of the ears is still soft, do you suggest I do anything yet?
Dear Cindy,

We have corresponded recently, and you have been very helpful. also, I have several dvd's from leerburg. I now have a mal pup 10 weeks, and am trying with all my might to train her. she is extremely protective already after 2 days and my question is: how and when should I teach her that she can stop barking/being protective when a visitor arrives, etc. also, when someone walks past my office she barks. So far I say shhh with a hand signal to stop the barking, and I praise her the instant she stops barking. I would appreciate anything you can tell me in reply, and also which particular dvd applies to this kind of thing. Would this be completely natural for the age and breed or is it a sign of aggression problems in store. so far I am doing everything I have learned in the working puppies, and 8 weeks to 8 months, and I also have the basic obedience. Another question: One ear is soft, should I tape it? if so, would you be able to answer how? I appreciate any time or effort you use in answering my questions.

Thank you,

A. Congrats on your new pup.

At 10 weeks old what you are seeing is not “protectiveness.” It’s not possible for a pup of that age to show that type of behavior yet. Malinois as a breed tend to be reactive, and this can manifest in many ways.

I would be implementing puppy groundwork and controlling her life 100%. For now I would basically distract her from this behavior whenever she shows something you don’t want her to do. You have only had her for a couple days, so once she settles in this behavior should improve. Give her a little more time to feel at home.

At 10 weeks I wouldn’t worry about her ears at all. What you are seeing is normal for a pup of that age.
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