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Q. My dog comes in fast but always sits crooked. Any suggestions?
Hi There,

I always read your articles, but for some reason can't find one on this.
I have a problem with my dog doing his Heir. He comes in fast BUT always
sits crooked. I have tried to use food and toys. And I have tried
corrections but can't seem to get him to understand. Do you have any

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


A. Your problem is not a COME problem it’s a sit straight problem.

So don’t associate it with the recall.

Keep the dog on leash. Sit your dog - tell him to stay - step a foot or two away and turn to the side a little (not a lot at first).

Call the dog and when it comes and sits crooked, use your foot to nudge here as you step back to get the dog to follow and sit straight. You are not correcting the dog but rather guiding him into the correct position. When he sits crocked - tell him "NO" and then guide him.

With repetition the dog will learn to sit straight every time. You will be able to sit the dog. Step away and turn your back. He will come around front and sit straight. When you can do that then you put the exercise back with the RECALL.

How quick this happens depends on your dog and your skill. There is no rush.
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