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Categories: Schutzhund

Q. Can you tell me why a GSD puppy with SCH bloodlines would not be fit to compete in Mondio-ring and if what this lady says is true?
Hello Ed or Cindy,

I have a question about MONDIORING vs. SCH.

I wanted to learn more about Mondio-ring so I contacted someone from a Mondioring Club to ask about training. She asked me about the sire and dam for the pup I was thinking about purchasing and I told her SCH III (Sire) and SchH BH, PPD (Dam). The DAM is Isis Vom Leerburg. She told me that pups from this type of bloodline are not working dogs, they are show dogs, or dogs that are bred to look pretty and are not agile enough to be successful in participating in the sport. She also asked about the guarantee and I told her it?s on hereditary defects and hips. She told me to ask for a temperament guarantee. Now, I know I?m a novice but I think I read somewhere that you would never give one on temperament for a variety of reasons, one of them being inexperienced owners. I thought SCH was a working sport. Can you tell me why a GSD puppy with SCH bloodlines would not be fit to compete in Mondio-ring and if what she says is true?


A. I can’t tell you about the bloodlines of this particular pup as you don’t mention the stud dog. Leerburg dogs are NOT show lines, they are all European working lines. There are many dogs from our kennel capable of doing Mondio. If the pup you are considering is a mix of show line and working lines, I’d recommend you continue your search. The combo of working and show rarely produces good working dogs.

There are however many “Schutzhund” dogs that are from show lines and their working ability is far from adequate. Just because a dog has a title behind his name does not mean he is a working dog. If you want to REALLY be successful in ringsport you should probably consider working bloodline GSD or Malinois. A friend of mine just won the Mondio 1 (first level) national championships this last Saturday with a GSD.

Personally I think you get the kind of dog you find suits you best and then find the sport that your dog shows the most aptitude for and go from there. It may be SchH or ringsport or agility. All dogs have their talents so if you want a dog to excel in ringsport look for a breeder that has dogs actively training and competing in that sport. The same goes for any other sport. I wouldn’t select a Basset hound for agility or police work, and I wouldn’t select German Shepherd for lure coursing.

I would direct you to the search function in the upper left corner of the website for any additional questions you may have. If you type in your key words it will guide you to articles, Q & A’s and posts on our forum.

The working vs. show line debate has been discussed many times on our forums.


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