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Q. My 9-month old GSD does well in tracking and protection work. It has intense food drive but has little interest in the ball. What can I do to increase his ball drive?
Dear Mr. Frawley

I have a 9-month-old German Shepherd puppy that is working in schutzhund. Who has avery strong backing in working lines. My puppy does excellent in tracking and also does excellent in protection. But lacks interest in the ball. Do you have any solutions for me? My puppy is very motivated by food but I would like to start introducing the ball more. Please respond if you have a chance.

Thank you

A. If the dog does well in bite work, and the bite work is being done properly then the dog has prey drive and you have just not developed it enough.

But the fact is that this is not an important issue - if the dog has intense food drive then use that drive. What you are asking makes no sense. The goal is to end up with a trained dog not a ball crazy dog. Use the tools that you have available and be happy with what you have.
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