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Categories: Schutzhund Protection Work

Q. What age should I start preparing my dog for helper work?
Hi Ed,

I just finished watching, how to raise a working puppy, and building drive focus and grip. They were great videos. I plan on buying preparing your dog for the helper. At what age should the information in that video be applied to my puppy. I will be building his drive, but what is a good age to start working the puppy on preparing him for the helper. If it's best that I wait until the puppy matures a bit, then I will wait and get the video later. I am getting my puppy in two weeks. If it's stuff that I should be doing right away with the pup, then I will buy the video pretty soon.


A. Normally you would start around 4 months but you are missing a huge point here. It’s not WHEN SHOULD MY DOG START TO LEARN it’s when do YOU start to learn. You have more to learn than your dog. A lot more. So get the DVD and study it. Do not jump the gun and get ahead of yourself in training.
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