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Categories: Schutzhund Protection Work

Q. I want to train my black Lab in Schutzhund and police work. What are your thoughts?
I have a 6 month black lab that I want to train for Schutzhund and police work. Would you recommend against a second handler for the Schutzhund only?

The second handler would be my wife. Would this cause a problem? re-enforce her role in the "pack" order (above the dog)? Is two handlers in Schutzhund a bad idea?

A. I doubt that a black Lab can be trained in the sport of Schutzhund. You can always try --there is that old saying" NEVER SAY NEVER " However, in 30 years I have only heard of one Lab being titled in Schutzhund and it was all prey work.

My advice is to stick with something the Labs are genetically able to do - agility, competition obedience, etc.
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