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Categories: Schutzhund Tracking

Q. My pup does not have a lot of food drive for tracking. What can I do?
Hi Ed,

I have a 9 month old puppy. She doesn't naturally have a high food drive, so my trainer says we will need to build it. When line tracking, if she is not REALLY, REALLY hungry, sometimes she may not care to do the exercise. (We do not feed her before training exercises.)

We have backed off on obedience training at this point since she is young, and also because she didn't really show a high interest in the food reward. Do you have a video that would help me to build this kind of drive? Thank you :) missy

PS...She does well with bite work though...she loves that part!

A. I would not worry about tracking a puppy until it is 8 months old. This solves that problem. Some dogs don't have strong food drive. Those dogs need to only get their food for the day on the track not at home. They learn very quickly that this is all the food they get for the day and all of a sudden they then have food drive. Use really good food on the track - determine how much food the dog should eat in the day and that's what goes on the track.
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