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Q. We would like to fly our dog out to CA; it was mentioned to us that he could fly with us if he was a service dog or a dog in training. Do you know anything about this?

We would like to fly our dog out to CA. for two weeks for our grandson; it was mentioned to us that he could fly with us if he was a service dog or a dog in training. We were wondering if you could share with us any insight to this. Or if their is a way you might know where he could fly. Our daughter is having her second child, and we will be on grandparents duty with the first child. We just love our dog who is mid size. I hope this question makes sense.

Bill & Kathy

A. Hi Bill and Kathy,

IF your dog is actually a service dog or in training as a service dog they can fly in the cabin with the handler or trainer. I know people who are not training their dogs to be service dogs that try to do this dishonestly, and in my opinion it does a great injustice to the real service dog and legitimate dog trainers that are out there. Typically you need some type of credentials for the dog, or need to be a trainer who is proofing the dog on air travel.

So unless your dog is a service dog, then he will have to fly in a kennel in the cargo hold unless he is small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you.

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