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Q. I would like to train my own service dog, but cannot find a dog that I get along well with due to a few things. What do you suggest?
Hi, my name is Michelle. I have a kind of complicated question to ask but I don't have anywhere else to turn to. I've been searching and went through a lot of different dogs trying to find the right dog to be a service dog for me because I have anxiety, depression, social phobia and I black out. For some odd reason most dogs I go around seem to perceive what I have as threatening. So my boyfriend saw this add online for a litter of rescued bottle feed 3 week old puppies and thought maybe me raising one would help the dog and me to connect better and the dog to not see what I have so aggressively. I don't know what to do I need help finding the right dog. I've had a lot of heart ache and my family is getting sick of the different dogs. I've tried organizations and none will help me especially since I have hardly any money. I have trained service dogs for other people and they came out just fine. Was is a golden for an eight year old boy that has grandmal seizures and the other was a pit that is with a guy that has epilepsy. I just can't seem to find the right match for me. I'm always getting the wrong dog, please help??? Oh and my boyfriend also wanted to try a rottie but I wanted your option on this.

A. I think whenever you need a dog for such a specialized task, such as service work or police work, it's always best to get an adult dog that can be evaluated to see if they have the aptitude and temperament for the job they are to perform.

I believe that your odds are very slim of getting a service dog candidate from a bottle fed rescue dog (or really any rescue dog because of the unknown genetics behind the dog)

It's my understanding that if you have a true disability then service dogs are placed at no charge, so you may want to do more research.

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