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Categories: Police or S&R Tracking

Q. I would like to know what cloth is best to collect scent from a victim so that it can later be used in a scent identification with a dog. What material should we use?
We, at the American Institute On Domestic Violence are trying to research the amount of time DNA and scent for tracking would remain on various materials. In the case of a missing or victim of domestic violence or child ID system, what would be the best material use and the scent extension to expect from it? I am hoping your expertise can provide that information. Thanking you in advance.

Rick Naylor, VP
American Institute on Domestic Violence

A. What are you trying to do?


Well, ED, we are in the long time business of assisting victims and potential victims of abusive crimes. There are references that xyz product will retain Scent for tracking dogs up to two years. The next reference says differently. I am leaning toward cotton swab of a domestic violence victim who has the potential of becoming a missing person or in some cases a child. What is your professional opinion?

  Follow-Up Response:

I can tell you that the people who claim that their cloth will retain scent for 2 years are full of crap. It's 100% bull shit.

Read the article I wrote on Bloodhound handlers. You can find this on the article page on my web site.

I have been to both of the federal police dog schools in Holland. They both do scent collection. It’s based on science not stupid bull shit like the bloodhound people in this country try and pass off as super dog skills.

No one would support a well run scent ID program more that me. A program like this would solve a lot of crimes in this country but it has to be run by the FBI with a central storage area.

I will testify (free of charge) against any of these bloodhound clowns that make these stupid claims. In the long run, bad dog training hurts EVERYONE of us that are in the business and I have dedicated my life to sound dog training.

In Holland sterile gauze pads are used to collect scent. Its stored in sterile glass bottles that have been vacuum sealed exactly like your mother canned vegetables. The people who collect the scent have to go through specialized training.
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This video was filmed in Alberta, Canada at the police dog training center for the RCMP. The RCMP instructors are the best tracking dog instructors in the world. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) catch 45% to 50% of all the people they track (this includes suburban and urban tracking). If a suspect runs in the country, they catch 95% of them. If you are a K-9 officer who trains his service dog with food & a ball you know that you only catch 3% or 4% of the people you track.

Urban and Suburban Tracking
Urban and Suburban Tracking
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This video was done with the RCMP in Canada. In it we train a dog to track in a suburban and urban environment. In Level 1 Tracking (Video 205) we taught the dog to track in the country. The reason all police dogs must first learn to track in the country is because the country is relatively distraction free. We actually teach the dog to track in the country and then use a large part of that work to train in Level II & III teaching the dog to deal with the distractions of the city.

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