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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. Is it necessary to use a teaser female when collecting semen for artificial insemination?
My stud malinois had been bitten several times by heated females during the last year or so and became very conservative to naturally mating to any females. Besides, I don't want him to be bitten again when breeding. As per your video that a teaser female is used during collection, while 3 persons are required. Can I simply use the collected semen in a separate room without a teaser female and do the insemination in a different room? I can easily get 15-17 C.C.s semen from my stud malinois every one or two days if I need.

Please advise and thanks,

A. If you can get a viable collection without a teaser, then I think that would be fine. We find we usually get better collections with a female present but if he gets stressed about having her there then I would do what works!

Good luck.
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