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Q. I have bred my female twice with 2 different males, both resulting in some testicle problems in the males. I am reluctant to ever breed her again. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have enjoyed your e-mails in the past with questions about whelping and you were very quick to respond, straight up and very very helpful and thank you for that.

My new question is this, I have breed my female Sandy vom Salztalblick twice with 2 different males, the first was Kim von der Ehrfelder-H?lzung and the second breeding was with OCJ of Shepherdglen.

9 pups in the first litter "6 males & 3 females" and 6 pups in the second litter "2 males & 4 females." I keep in contact with all the owners on a weekly monthly basis for updates good or bad.

The first litter has produced 2 males with only 1 testicle down and the other up ?11 ? months old? the other 4 males in the litter have both testicles down, the second litter with CJ has produced one male with 1 testicle down and one up at the age of 5 months old and the other male Banditt has both down. I am reluctant to ever breed Sandy again in fear of producing any more pups with 1 testicle which is really unfortunate because she is a good female all around.

Any thoughts or suggestions weather this might be from the father line or the mother line or just one of those things where shit happens with line breeding and genetics and the crap shoot with breeding? And do you think I should stick to my guns and not breed her again or maybe one more time in the future with a complete outcross?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. All the pups from both litters are in Schutzhund homes and one with search and rescue in Edmonton, feed back on all the pups is great with their progress except for this problem which really bums me out especially after spending a year looking for the right male to pair her up with.

Kind Regards,

A. Monorchid or cryptorchidism is a recessive gene. This means that both parents have to hold the gene for this. It’s not coming from just your female or just the male, it’s from both breeding partners. This same principle applies to coat color like solid black and to long coats too. Both parents must hold the recessive to produce puppies with black coats, long coats or one testicle descended.

I can’t tell you whether to breed her again, but if you do try to find a male that has never thrown a male pup with testicle issue. It may be that he has never been bred to a female that holds the recessive, but if the owner of the stud dog is honest then it at least gives you some info to start making a decision.

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