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Q. I have a female that is vicious and fearful, but I want to breed her because she’s really beautiful and my male is gorgeous. Should I breed her?
I have a big and beautiful Brindle English Mastiff. She is a bit vicious for the most part. (Because of fear until she becomes familiar with someone then it's like they do not exist or they are TOTALLY welcome to her house or yard.)

She also will not let my male Mastiff mount or "TIE." She teases and he is definitely interested but she snaps right before the "TIE." Anyways, I was thinking of artificial insemination, however, is she going to be a terrible mother? I know.... No one will know until then.But from experience,what do you think? I already know she will be needing caged during visitors choosing their pup.She was like that when company came to see my other Mastiffs puppies.

Thank you.(I am sure I already know the answer,but I would love for her to have puppies.I guess since she is so beautiful and my male is so gorgeous, I didn't want their good looks to go to waste.


P.S. My St. Bernard and Mastiff are both in Heat and my male is no longer interested in mastiff but now the St. and my St. is consistently next to the mastiff female wanting to smell and lick her almost like she is the male. I am definitely spaying the St. about 2 months after her cycle!

So either the St. Can tell the Mastiff is now ovulating and the male was just confused the last couple days when he was bothering her. (I seen you said male must have @ least 4-5 successful ties before he is experienced but I just don't see the female mastiff letting the male "TIE" ever! So it looks like insemination or spaying her?? She may be too young still. She is almost 2 and 1/2 or just a bitch!

A. Even if you weren’t having the issues with getting this female bred, just based on your description of her temperament I wouldn’t breed her. Fearful dogs produce fearful puppies, and if you want to be a responsible breeder then you should be honest about what you have and not allow weak genetics to be passed on. The Mastiff is not supposed to be a nervous or fearful dog. Good looks aren’t a reason to breed.

I worked with a Mastiff breeder in years past, and her dogs had wonderful temperaments. They were stable and clear headed dogs, not fearful or aggressive.

Sorry if it’s not what you wanted to hear, but the world of purebred dogs is in trouble because people don’t breed dogs for the right reasons. In my opinion, the only reason to breed is to create dogs that will contribute a positive influence on their particular breed in temperament, character and physical structure.

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