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Categories: Feeding a Raw Diet

Q. What about feeding Raw and Kibble together, is that OK?
What about feeding Raw and Kibble together, is that OK?

A. Many people want to do this! I guess I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just ditch the kibble once and for all? It’s like eating a healthy meal and then having a Big Mac or box of Hostess Twinkies along with it. Get the junk food out of your dog’s diet and watch him thrive!

I personally don’t feel combining raw and kibble is OK and many dogs have digestive upsets when RMBs and kibble are mixed together.

If you absolutely MUST do this, at least feed raw for one meal and kibble for the other. I feel that it's easier on the dog that way.

Switch your dog to Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw Food and continue your education about raw feeding in the meantime.

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