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Categories: Feeding a Raw Diet

Q. I forgot to thaw out my dog’s next meal, can I feed it frozen?
I forgot to thaw out my dog?s next meal, can I feed it frozen?

A. I would try to gently thaw it by running some cool water over it a bit but I have fed frozen food many times. Some people say you CAN’T feed frozen RMBs, but my logic is that if my dog found a frozen squirrel out in the woods he would carry it home and gnaw on that squirrel-sicle until it was eaten. I am not sure it’s great for their teeth to eat frozen solid hard food on a regular basis but I have done it many times without incident.

Do not thaw your dog’s food in the microwave! It will start to cook and change the structure of the bones and damage the enzymes in the meat.

If you can’t bring yourself to feed frozen food, then keep a couple cans of mackerel on hand and feed those instead or better yet, order a bucket of Honest Kitchen dehydrated as your backup food.

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