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Categories: Feeding a Raw Diet

Q. Are rawhide chews OK to give to a dog on a raw diet?
I have a quick question for you. I will be switching to a RAW/BARF diet very soon and was wondering about rawhide chews. Currently they can keep my Vizsla very occupied and that can be very convenient with an inside dog. Are rawhide chews considered "ok" on a RAW/BARF diet?


A. I don’t feel rawhides are safe for any dog, no matter what their diet.

I’d go for a knuckle bone or one of the safe chew toys we carry on our website. Rawhides can cause digestive upsets and blockages as well as being treated with potentially dangerous chemicals used in the bleaching process. I would never give these to any dog that can chew up and swallow pieces from them. (which would be most dogs).

The 2 best books for learning about the raw diet are Raw Dog Food and Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats. We give both these books to our puppy customers and rarely have questions about the diet. I highly recommend them.

I would direct you to the search function in the upper right corner of the website for any additional questions you may have. If you type in your key words it will guide you to articles, Q & A’s and posts on our forum. You’ll find rawhides have been discussed in the past on our website.

I hope this helps.


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