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Categories: Feeding a Raw Diet

Q. My dog has diabetes and cushings, can you recommend a raw diet for him?
I need some help with my cairn terrier who is 7 and has cushings and diabetes, we have already had the eye surgery so he will not go blind. I need an easy turkey or chicken raw diet for him to be recommended to me ASAP for HIS sake and mine. Thanks.

A. Because of your dog’s health challenges, I would recommend a consult with a vet who is supportive of raw feeding before changing his diet.

We have a list of vets that has been compiled by our customers. We are providing this list as a service; please do your own research into any health care provider you choose for your dogs.

I’m not a health care professional and I don’t have experience feeding dogs with cushings or diabetes, I would hate to give you the wrong advice.


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