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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. Can I use evaporated FILE milk in your bottle feeding formula?
I am expecting a litter of Oebs any day now and this time around, when it is time, I will try your puppy formula. I think the double calories is awesome. Now, I send my husband to get the evaporated milk and he brought back evaporated FILED milk (I had never seen that before). I'm wondering if I can still use that or should I buy the regular evaporated milk?

Thank you for your amazing work and very informative website!


A. I would follow the recipe as it's written on our bottle feeding page.

Goats milk is by far the best choice, if you can find it. They sell it at most WalMart stores, both canned and in the dairy section.

Good luck with your litter.

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Puppy Tube Feeding Kit
Feeding tube is 16 inches long (41cm) and approximately 3/32 inches (2.7mm) outside diameter. It is best to store your feeding tube and syringe at normal room temperature. In colder temperatures the feeding tube will become rigid and stiff. At body temperature, the tube becomes softer, resilient, and completely flexible. Syringe is 35cc and attaches to the integral funnel end of the feeding tube. The opposite end of the feeding tube has a closed rounded tip with 2 side port 'eyes'.


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