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Q. My friends 2 females had C sections to deliver their litters and when she brought the second female home from the hospital, the 1st female attacked the other one and the puppies. All but one of the puppies died. What is your opinion of this ?

I came across your website, which is amazing and just wondered if i could ask your opinion on recent events.

The Scenario

My friend has two staffordshire bull terrier bitches who appeared to be getting on well, they came in season together and she mated them!

The first bitch went into labour but a pup got stuck and an emergency section was needed, at much cost, the bitch took well to the pups and all seemed fine.

The second bitch was took in for a section after what happened to the 1st bitch my friend didn't want to risk an emergency section!! The bitch came home with her 7 pups, my friend put all the pups in with the bitch and the 1st bitch went for her and she bit all but 1 of the pups, whom died within 3 days of the attack some within minutes, hours.

Extra Information

My friend built a double whelping box so all that separated the bitches was a piece of board.

The vet sent the placentas home with the bitch to rub on her gums and the pups to help the bitch bond with the pups as it is known they can reject them after a section.

My Opinion

In my opinion I feel this bitch was not aggressive and didn't kill the pups for the hell of it, I believe circumstances surrounding the situation caused her to do this, e.g.

1) the double whelping box, as each bitch needs their own space

2) the opted c-section, as she didn't understand where the pups had come from or if they were even hers

3) the fact the placentas weren't rubbed on pups or mom's gums to aid the bonding process

4) the fact there were many visitors and disruption when bitch and pups came home

The reason I take interest in this is because my dog was the stud for both bitches, also I took on the pups that didn't die instantly and tried to hand raise them and also the bitch is a good bitch that has shown and still shows no aggression at all. my friend wanted her handed into a dogs home or put to sleep, but I strongly believe that if more care was taken she could make an excellent mom, she is now in my care as I beleive my friends irresponsibility allowed this to happen and don't thinks it's fair to give up on her she is of excellent temprement a good family dog.

The reason for my email is just to get an unbiased opinion as to whether you think i'm wasting my time with her, I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter and look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,

A. It’s impossible for us to know what to say based on an email from a second party but having 2 bitches with new puppies together (especially when they just had c sections) is careless.

The situation was set up so that I think it was extremely stressful for both females. I got stressed out just reading it. I can’t imagine putting a new mother dog and her litter in that scenario.

Good luck!

Cindy Rhodes
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