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Q. I thought I read that if I bought the on demand version of a video, I could purchase DVD for an additional fee. How does that work and where is the info for that?
I thought at one time I read that I could watch the on demand version on line from your site and if I wanted to purchase the DVD, I could for an additional fee. I have looked and I don't seem to see this info unless I am looking over it and that is possible, but is that the case? Can I do the on demand and if I choose, can I get the video on DVD for a small fee? Not have to pay full price again to get it? Thank you.

A. Hi Ann,

Thanks for asking. No, you do not have to pay full price when you buy the corresponding DVD or streaming video. We offer this for all of our streaming videos that are also available on DVD. There are two ways that this can work:

1) If you buy the DVD first, you can automatically get access to the streaming video online for free as long as you’re logged in at the time you go through the checkout process. You will see a link to click on the receipt page immediately after you submit your order. Clicking this link will give you access to the streaming video. You can then go to our Leerburg On Demand section and click the “My Rentals” tab to see a list of the videos you have access to.

2) If you buy the streaming video version from Leerburg On Demand first, you will receive a coupon code in the email confirmation of your order. If you enter the coupon code when you check out with the corresponding DVD in your cart, you will get a discount on the DVD for the amount you spent on the streaming video. This means that if you purchased the streaming version for $60.00 and the price of the DVD is $65.00, you can purchase the DVD for $5.00. If the prices are the same, you will get the DVD for free. In order to use the coupon code, you must be logged in with your Leerburg account when you start the checkout process.

I hope this answers your question, but let me know if you have any more. If you’re still new to Leerburg on Demand, you can also learn more on our FAQ page.

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