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Q. I’m thinking of rescuing a cat, would they eat the same raw diet as a dog? Can they chew bones?
Hi Cindy,

I?ve been seriously thinking of rescuing a cat, there?s so many homeless ones where I am. Would their diet be similar to a species appropriate diet for dogs, some meat, giblets, and bones? Can they chew bones?? I have no clue.


A. I feed all my cats a premade ground raw food made by Bravo because some of my older ones don't consume whole bones.

I believe there are some raw books out there specifically for cats. We used to carry them but didn't sell enough to justify keeping them in stock.

Here's the title we used to stock, Natural Nutrition for Cats. I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! This should be more than enough, I’ll definitely check out this book! It’s because of you that my dog’s whole life changed for the better. I’m so glad I found you people.

  Follow-Up Response:

Glad I could help! Thanks for the kind words.

Cindy Rhodes

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