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Categories: Bottle Feeding , Breeding

Q. Your bottle feeding recipe works great, but would you know why the mother had no milk?
Hello Mr. Frawley,

You & your website has been of tremendous value to me and the razing of our raw-fed boxers. We thank you very much for the wealth of information that you so openly share with the public!

I have run into a situation that makes me question that I am diffently doing something wrong?.the last 2 litter we have had we have had to bottle feed due to the mothers having NO milk come down!!!

1 litter was born in fall 2010 and the other was born summer 2011, born to different mothers & different fathers. Both dogs were age 5 and both had previous litters (2) with NO milk problems??.this was their last litter due to age.

My vet said the pups were the best looking bottle fed pups he had ever seen, of course your recipe. He knows I raw feed but had NO clue as to why no milk with either mother.

If you can provide me with any feedback I?d be totally appreciative. Not really sure I want to go through this again.


A. I did a lot of breeding in my life (am not retired), the only time I had to bottle feed a litter was once or twice when the mother had mastitis.

My experience with females that don’t have enough milk is to feed them more, 30% more and get them to drink as much liquid as I can. I do this by giving them chicken or beef (canned) broth twice a day and always leave clean water. I’ll try and find the mix that will include a can of chicken broth and as much water as possible yet still have the dog wanting to drink it. Some dogs will only drink the canned broth, some will drink it with water added.

Makes sense that the more liquid they drink the more milk they will make.

I also check the temp of our females twice a day and log it in a book. This continues until the temp is back to normal. I know her normal temp because I started a log before she whelped. I often will temp a female once or twice a day for a week before she whelps so I can see the temp drop indicating she is about to go into labor.

I am in the process of redoing our DVD on whelping puppies. I’ll put this information in the new DVD.

Ed Frawley
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