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Categories: Raising a Working Puppy

Q. My new pup will be trained in Schutzhund. Should the pup be allowed to interact with immediate family members when inside my home?
Hi Cindy,

Just wondering if you could help me out with a quick question?

I am bringing home my new Malinois pup next week, she will be trained in schutzhund.

I have read through your all of the eBooks on your website and also have quite a few of the DVDs.

I understand that I should not allow strangers interact with or pet my pup, also that she should learn to hold a neutral value towards them. One thing I am confused about though is if (and how) the puppy should be allowed to interact with immediate family members when inside my home? This includes my son, husband and regular visitors.

For example if my mother visits (which she does most days) should I allow her to pet and/or interact with my pup at any level? Or should I crate/pen the pup and ask that she be ignored during the visit?

Thank you.

A. Only you can decide the level of interaction you want your puppy to have with others. I personally don’t allow people to pet and play with my puppies at first, but it’s a personal decision that is based on the puppy. If I have a puppy that doesn’t seem to care about other people and is naturally focused on me, I allow more interaction. If I have an easily distracted puppy that seeks out attention from anyone and everyone, I limit it.

I use visitors and family members as distractions for engagement work. If you are planning on doing schutzhund I’d highly recommend some of the other Ellis videos that you don’t yet have.

The Power of Training Dogs with Food (the foundation of Michael’s entire system)
The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog
Foundation of Puppy Bite Work
Teaching Protection Skills Without a Decoy

Enjoy the new puppy!

Cindy Rhodes
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