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Categories: Electric Collar Training

Q. Our recently adopted dog is determined to kill my cats. I just watched the Remote Collar training video, but I'm not sure that I should get a remote collar. What would you suggest?
We have recently adopted an adult neutered male pit bull from the local shelter. They asked that we take this dog because we have had two other pits in years past with no issues. He is relatively smart and obedient to basic come, sit, down and stay, and he is fine with our Sheltie. The problem is that he is determined to kill my cats. All training goes out the window when he sees one. He is not dog or person aggressive. We have done obedience classes and had a professional trainer come to the house (a Victoria Stillwell trained, "all positive" advocate)and we were told that we should re-home the dog to a home with no cats. I ordered and just finished watching your video on remote collar training, but I am still not sure that I should get a remote collar. Assuming that I can stop the attacks when I am present and the collar is on, is it reasonable to hope that I would ever be able to trust this dog alone with a cat? I hate to give up on this dog. In his defense, the one time he got to a cat (he snapped a 3/4" leather leash apart), he was all over it but did no damage, and he certainly could have. So, try the collar or re-home?

A. Have you read the article Ed wrote on cats?

Whenever we bring a new dog into our home, we Start with our groundwork program even if the dog doesnt have any behavioral issues. It sets us up as authority figures in a way the dog understands. If you havent done this work with the new dog, I would highly recommend it.

If you want to keep the dog, I think the remote collar is your best option but I cant possibly predict whether you can ever truly trust this dog with a cat. My dogs are raised with cats and I only have a couple that I would trust without a shadow of doubt around cats with no supervision. They are living beings with reactions and instincts that may be triggered at unexpected times. Even if the training is perfect, I would never test it by leaving a dog like this alone with a cat. Its just not worth it.

In addition to the ecollar video, Id highly recommend

Pack Structure for the Family Pet
Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes
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Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet
Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet
4 Hours
The goal of our pack structure training program is to produce a dog that is calm and submissive and a dog that follows the rules of the pack leader. This DVD teaches people how to become a pack leader that their dog respects and loves. Most people are not born pack leaders. In fact, far from it. The majority of dog owners (many who have owned dogs their entire life) simply do not know anything about the instincts that control our dogs or how strong these instincts are in the domestic dog. Oh people may have heard that they need to be a pack leader or they may have heard they need to be an ALPHA with their dog but they do not understand what this really means or how to accomplish it.

Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner with Ed Frawley
Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner with Ed Frawley
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The remote collar is the most effective dog training tool that has been developed in the past 100 years. Our low level stimulation training is 100 times more humane and more effective than using "CHOKE COLLAR or PRONG COLLAR." In fact our remote collar training program eliminates the need for these other training tools. In our home we start our 16 to 20 week old puppies on our remote collar program. The levels of stimulation used in our training program are often times not even felt by many humans.

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Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs
Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs
3 Hours, 30 Minutes
In my DVD, I provide 3 1/2 hours of information to help people solve their problems with dominant dogs and aggressive dogs. This information is based on 45 years of experience training dogs. For the last 30 years I have studied the art of protection training dogs. I was a police K9 handler for 10 years, and was chairman of the training committee for the WI police dog association for a number of those years. I have bred German Shepherds for police service work for 28 years. During this time I have bred over 350 litters of working dogs. I have dogs from my kennel working in law enforcement, Search and Rescue and competing in Schutzhund all over this country. No one I know in the United States can make these claims.


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