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Categories: Prong Collars and Dominant Dog Collars

Q. We use a prong collar for walking, basic obedience training & have been advised to leave it on all day? Can you advise us?
Hi Ed & Cindy,

My Husband & I are in our late 50s & have a 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. We have bought videos from you & think you are the best dog trainers that we have ever seen! Brilliant! We thought of attending Michael Ellis course. We saw this site & your training methods 2 months ago so up till then we hadn't done much training at all! It has been going well but we haven't managed to stop his mouthing, biting, jumping & humping. He dosent fit just one catagory! eg: nervous, soft, hard, etc he seems a mixture of them all. He has loads of drive, food, prey the lot. I have recently purchased a zappy pre- mobility scooter due to my back & knees getting much worse. My pup, Micah, loves going to the park every day either walking with my husband or trotting along side my schooter, he loves tug getting the tug so we can chase him, his fav! We use a prong collar for walking, basic obedience training & have been advised to leave it on all day? Can you advise us?


A. I think leaving your dog’s training collar on all day is fine as long as he’s under supervision (don’t want him to get hung up on anything).

I put my dogs’ training collars on every morning when we start the day and take them off in the evening. That way if I need my training tools (collars) they are already on the dog and it makes training seamless. The added benefit is that the dog doesn’t get wise to collars being put on only for training.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes
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