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Categories: Protection Training - Pups 8 Weeks to 1 Year

Q. My ex recently broke into my home. If he comes back, I want my dog to react like she does to strangers. Is this possible?
I've watched many of your vids on youtube. I thought about protection training and decided I was afraid that my dog maybe a liability.

Recent events: my ex, a recent former packmember, broke into my residence in a violent way. My 7 month old german shepherd did not react like she does with a stranger. She is very high drive and intimidatimg by barking and lunging at doors and windows. He beat me for a long period until the police arrested him.

I know she was confused but she did not bark, did not bite. When crying on floor, she came to me licking me and trying to lay by my side until he repeatedly kicked her telling her to go to her crate.

I have always been her packleader, done all her obedience, feed her, walk her since she was six weeks old. The ex was the playmate.

My question is, at 7 months can she be trained and with not seeing him anymore will my dog attack him? He is in jail and potentially there for I hope. Can a dog's training and time bypass the fact he was once part of pack and protect our family??

I don't want a gun. Will the money to have her trained work? If so how much training and his absense allow her to work when the time is needed?

Please help as I fear the day he is released from jail. He will come for us and Id rather have my dog protect us vs me taking a human life with a gun.

God bless and hope to hear from you,

A. I’m afraid relying on a dog, or in your case, a puppy, for protection from someone like this is unrealistic. Expecting her to protect you is like expecting a 12 or 13 year old kid to take on an adult man in a fight. She’s not physically or mentally able to do that at 7 months old.

There is no way I can know based on an email whether your dog even has the correct qualities to grow up into a serious protection dog. All the training in the world won’t make any difference if the dog doesn’t have the temperament and characteristics needed. It’s impossible to know with a 7 month old dog. Most dogs aren’t ready for serious protection training until they are older anyway (usually around 24-36 months).

If you fear for your life, counting on this dog to save you is a mistake. I’d hate for you to be hurt again (or worse) because you were depending on a young dog to handle a situation she’s just not equipped to deal with.

I’d look into another form of self defense, whatever that may be. I hope things go well for you, I really do.

Stay safe.

Cindy Rhodes
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