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Q. My dog recently had pups and has a bloody discharge. Could she be in heat this soon? Could it be something else causing the blood?

I have read through your website and I love it. You know your stuff and give great advice.

I have a shih tzu x chihuahua who had a litter of 3 just over four weeks ago. The first two pups were born naturally but after a long struggle with the the third she needed to have a c section and that poor baby was dead.

The 2 surviving pups are doing really well and Bella is a great mum.

After the pups were born Bella had discharge for a few days but that cleared up when it should have. This morning I noticed my male sniffing around Bella and then noticed a bloody discharge from her vagina. Could she be on heat this soon?

I have separated the male and female as I obviously don't want to become pregnant again so soon.
Could anything else be causing the blood?

She is eating as normal, drinking, pooping and feeding pups as normal.

Her temperature is 101 and other than the blood everything else seems ok.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

A. A bloody discharge 4 weeks after whelping can be normal but you should see a vet to be sure.

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