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Q. I’d like to train my new puppy to go trail riding with me, do you have a reliable source on how to do work with my pup around my horse? I was thinking about using an ecollar for this. Do you have a recommendation for an electric collar?

I have a question that I hope you can guide me to the correct source...

I have a question about traing my new GSP puppy (4.5 months old) from getting kicked by my gelding. My goal is to go riding with the dog on trail. Do you have a reliable source as to how to properly approach this topic? My horse isn't a kicker--and my pup does repect him (the horse). But, all my work thus so far has been done on leash (introductions, etc.). I'm thinking about purchasing a Dogtra ecollar (my old one, an innotek model, needs replacing) to assist in the training process. I've used ecollars before with great success but not in this situation. Is the proper way to do this for me to work from the ground with the dog and horse and choose a word (like "back") whenever the pup approaches the horse's hindquarters and back the command up with a correction from the collar??? I just don't want to make a mistake with this and thought I should confirm with the experts first!!

My other question is in regards to choosing the right ecollar for my purposes. I'm really into quality and hate when equipment fails. Is Dogtra really better than Innotek?? If the Dogtra brand is more reliable, it would be worth my while to invest the extra cash...

I really like your website, by the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this and I'm really looking forward to hearing from you :)

A. Hi Susan,

We actually have a video about dogs & horses.

I would make sure the dog is fluent with the ecollar away from horses before using it in conjunction with the horse. At 4.5 months old, I would think you have a ways to go before using the ecollar to reinforce behaviors with your dog, he’s still a bit young and needs lots of repetitions on leash first.

I use Dogtra and have for a number of years now, in my experience, they are more reliable than the Innotek. Tri-Tronics are also good collar, I prefer a collar that has tiny units of adjustment so there is not a big jump in the stimulation the dog feels if I need to adjust it higher.

I hope this helps.

Thank you!

Cindy Rhodes
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